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Japan buying & ordering service

How to use?


STEP1 : If you see something you wish to buy from any Japanese online store, please choose the item first and fill in the order form below with the item's original URL. Then once we get your order form, we will reply with a confirmation email with total including shipping and paypal fees.


STEP2 : We will then send you a paypal invoice with total.


STEP3 : Upon receiving your payment, we will place the order with the japanese seller. Because most Japanese sites can't ship internationally, item will be shipped from those stores to our japanese partner, then ship to your destination, normally this will take around 7 to 14 days. Tracking# will be provided by us when the item is shipped directly from japan.

Our proxy fee


​We will accept hk dollars only, and the calculation we use is by adding 1000 yen to the listing price and then multipling the total yen price by 0.11 + shipping and paypal fees.


Here is an example: you are buyer from usa, and you wish to get a shirt from japan, the item you wish to get is 10000yen, the calculation of the final price is (10000 yen + 1000 yen) x 0.11) + $180hk (EMS shipping to usa) + $63hk (0.45% paypal fees of total) = $1455hk shipped and including paypal fees.

Terms & conditions


1. We will accept paypal payment only for this service, and please ensure that your paypal account is VERIFIED with CONFIRMED address, this is not negotiable.


2. Once your order has been confirmed, there is no cancellation, exchange or refund.


3. Combined shipping is available for more than 1 item, we will provide that cost in our confirmation email.


4. We can only buy those items that are still available on site, so this does not include those items that are required for lucky draw or pre orders on those sites.

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